Chocolate Charlotte

Chocolate Charlotte

Chocolate Charlotte with Berries


about 22 pieces of ladyfinger biscuits

about 15 g of gelatine powder
about 1/4 cup of raspberry coulis

150 g of dark chocolate

25 cl of heavy cream (very cold)

25 g of sugar

some ice
half a cup of raspberry syrup (or any berry syrup)


Start by warming up in a casserole hlaf of the raspberry syrup then add the gelatine powder. Cut the fire and pour in the raspberry coulis, mix well. Melt the chocolate in bain marie set aside. Whisk the cold heavy cream (you can put some ice on it) to make your cream chantilly. Add little by little your sugar. Fold in delicately the melted chocolate and the raspberry mixture. Dip lightly your ladyfinger biscuits on half of the remaining raspberry syrup and assemble it on your charlotte mold. If you prefer you can also make smaller charlotte using ramekin. Line up your dipped biscuits on the side of your mold, then pour your chocolate raspberry mixture. Refrigerate it for 24 hours. Decorate the top with berries of your choice.

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